Auroras Echo

You are a colonist from Earth. You had joined up with the Joint Colony Venture in hopes of finding a new life on Barnard’s Star, 12 light years away. You left in December of 2147 and hoped to arrive by 2155. Instead, you have been in cryosleep for near a century. The current year is 2233, and you find yourself falling through the sky of an alien world. Trapped helpless in your cryopod your mind races as the land below approaches with dangerous speed.

Auroras Echo, is a game setting that is built atop the WoD: Core Book, Mirrors, Mirrors: Bleeding Edge, and Mirrors: Infinite Macabre source books.


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Colonial News

November 28th, 2233
(112 Days After Planet Fall)


  • This is a very news light day

Aurora's Echo: Castaways of the 23rd Century

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