Advanced Powered Combat Jacket

Armor Rating: 3/3 Defense -2 Covers: Everything Armor Structure:12 Durability 3


Weapon Systems

  • Heavy Photon Repeater
  • Heavy Rail Gun
  • Stun Grenades

Special Rules

  • The pilot of the armor only takes damage once the suits structure pool is depleted. Any damage that goes over the structure is treated as if passing through normal ballistic armor.
  • The armor grants a +1 to wits + composure checks.
  • The armor grants the user a strength of 5.
  • A critical hit (5 Damage or more) will disable a vital function of the suit. To be determined by the ST.
Cost: 4500 Credits (Not for sale to Gen Public) Black Market Cost: 8000

Ceramic-Titanium Armor Plating, Nano-Fiber Artificial Muscle Actuation, Fully Load Bearing Exo-Skeleton. Sealed from external NBC (Nuclear Biological, Chemical) Hazard. Capable of dead lifting a fully stocked vending machine or dragging a crawler set to park. It is the Marines best friend. Its even got air conditioning.

Advanced Powered Combat Jacket

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