Chiron Systems: Cryo-Stasis Unit

Your living space aboard ship and your lifeboat


-One Flight Crewman or Colonist
-Cooling System(Liquid Nitrogen Compressor)
-Power Unit (Tied into ships systems, backup unit:Zero Loss Ion Batteries tied into advanced capacitor unit for regulation)
-Personal Foot locker: One quarter of a cubic meter in volume, theoretically enough space to store personal items.
-Radiation emitters exist on both ends of the tube. Designed to emit a short gamma ray burst for 1/10000th of a second.

The unit is made of lightweight Iconel Type Aluminum alloys. Insulated with magnetic suspension vacuum tech. The only part that actually contacts the outside are the feed lines for the coolant. The Transparent parts are made of a synthetic alumina ceramic, also insulated. These units are grouped in sets of five arranged in a flower pattern with a central pillar housing all the mechanical support systems. In case of emergency the entire set of five units can be shielded via an extendable shroud and the entire cluster ejected like an escape pod. The quantum lock that the system utilizes to protect the occupant renders the internal cavity impervious to any and all damage. However, as the cavity is exposed to heat, sudden G-Forces, vibration, and radiation the likelihood of the quantum lock collapsing increases exponentially.


The only product on the market utilizing the Bose-Einstein Quantum Lock method of suspended animation. An eternity could pass by and not a day will pass for the occupant. During Stasis the occupant is impervious to all physical damage and external stimuli including radiation. A Holographic display communicates with the ship’s mainframe to monitor everything from system conditions to the status of the stasis field. The chambers can be programmed to initiate, maintain and terminate stasis of human crew depending on length of mission and percent FTL travel. Zero-loss lithium ion batteries and Imperial super-capacitor technology in a tertiary backup system support the chamber’s function for up to 150 years in case of emergency.

- A Chiron Corp Marketing Rep

Chiron Systems: Cryo-Stasis Unit

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