Cybernetic: Plugin

Modifications to the Human Body which allow it to surpass Norma human capabilities.


Standard Plugin

A plugin affects a specific (Attribute + Skill) or (attribute + attribute) dice roll combination. What this does is, that when a willpower is spent, in addition to the dice gained from spending willpower you also receive activation dice equal to the number of dots purchased in this merit for that particular roll.

Some of the more exotic plugins allow one to mimic or replicate supernatural powers, however these are very unique devices and their cost in EXP is determined by the power being emulated. If there is a resource cost associated with this plugin, such as a Vitae Cost when emulating vampiric powers, you must pay that many points in willpower to activate it.

Using Standard Plugins
A Plugin is activated by spending a Willpower point. In addition to the three dice ordinarily granted
by spending the Willpower point, add activation dice equal to your character’s dots in the Plugin.

Plugins sometimes just don’t work. Sometimes the enemy has a countermeasure. Other times, a circuit blows
or a battery runs out. If you attempt to use a Plugin and the Storyteller decides that it fails outright, your character
receives a Willpower point as compensation.

Sometimes, a Plugin can become a full-fledged vulnerability. Your cybercortex gets hacked, the power
core in your replacement arm overheats, dealing lethal damage, or so on. The Storyteller may invoke this effect
once per story. In exchange, the character’s Willpower refills completely.

Special Cases

Built In Weapon System.
- Functions as standard plugin but also allows one quick access to a weapon that can be stored within the body. The bonus from this weapon depends upon the weapon integrated.

Full body replacement
- Costs 15 exp to purchase. Does not provide any advantage on its own. However, the first 8 exp of additional plugins is free.
- Body has durability of 2, size 5

Replicating supernatural powers
- Costs the equivalent EXP of the emulated supernatural power.
- Requires additional willpower to activate based on the activation cost.

Cost: Variable Ranges from 500 Credits to 2500 Credits depending on healthcare provider and difficulty of the operation in question.

Ever since mankind has created tools he sought to create even better tools. This is the end result of that evolution. Now the body has become the ultimate canvas for the modern tool-smith.

The advantage to cybernetic devices as opposed to regrowing a new limb and reattaching it lies in the amount of time needed for rehabilitation. Their have been instances in which full rehabilitation of a cybernetic limb took less than a week. On the extreme end of the spectrum, full cyberdization has been known to take a year for the patient to completely rehabilitate.

Cybernetics which are prone to severe abuse are regulated under colonial law. That doesn’t stop their underground sale of these devices though.

Cybernetic: Plugin

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