Dumont Defense Engine Model-D

Phase Compression Capacitor Bank, Superconducting Rails, Hypervelocity Gas Diffusor, Hysteresis compensators, Lithium Heatsinks, and flash supressor. In a word, a civilized weapon in an uncivilized time.

weapon (ranged)
DMG:1(L) STR: 2 Autofire: Single Short Range: 45 Yards Capacity: 14+1 Init: -1

Special: AP: 2

Cost: 110 Credits Black Market Cost: N/A
Desc: Fires a high speed bolt of metal using electromagnetic forces. Its impressive velocity allows it to penetrate through thick armor despite the light weight of its projectile. The gun is compact for a Rail Pistol and has impressive stopping power given its size. Designed and Created by Adriana Dumont under the label of Dumont Arms, it has quickly become the most popular sidearm among the civilian colonial populace for its reliability and ease of use. Despite being heavier than pistols of similar class, the Model-D has proven effective due to its impressive armor penetration against Formic Chitin. Contributing further to its success is the ease by which ammunition can be made for the weapon. All is needed is a standard Omnimat capable of working with metal and new bolts can be manufactured for near zero cost. Another notable feature is that the gun is modular, allowing for a variety of modifications. The most popular of which is the expanded magazines and cooling systems. Along the side the weapon is a selector switch between single shot and burst fire modes. The battery requires charging after heavy use.

Dumont Defense Engine Model-D

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