Legacy: CIV-4 Rifle: Hawkeye

A colonist self defense rifle.

weapon (ranged)
DMG:3(L) STR: 2 Autofire: Single-Burst(Upgrade-able: Medium) Short Range: 60 Yards Capacity: 21 Init: -3

- Special: Built in Laser sight: +1 to shoot in close range.
- Special: Spend 30 rounds Gain 8-agains.

Optional Features

- Can be made compatible with pulse rounds.


Extended Magazine- 30 Rounds Cost: 30 Credits
Cost: 89 Credits Black Market Cost: 104

Basically a civilized pulse rifle. A lot of the military grade features have been stripped.

A popular rifle back on Earth. Complaint with all major gun control laws thanks to fire control restriction software. The software can be removed by anyone in the know with a decent amount of computer experience. Until then the weapon is modified it is limited to single shot/burst.

Legacy: CIV-4 Rifle: Hawkeye

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