Ganaducci- Mil-3 Pulse Rifle

The AK-47 of the 22nd Century.

weapon (ranged)
DMG:4(L) STR: 3 Autofire: Burst-Sustained Short Range: 120 Yards Capacity: 90 Init: -3

Special: Bleeding (1L)
Special: Spend 30 rounds and lay down cover fire in all directions or Gain 8-agains in addition to the +4 you would get from firing an extended burst.


Ammo Cylinder Cost 28 Credits
Cost: 280 Credits Black Market Cost: 350

The Gannaducci MIL-3 Motorized Pulse Rifle is the result of near a century of refinement to the Pulse Actuated designs formulated by the Gannaducci company at the dawn of the 21st century. It is lightweight with a composite frame, and ceramic structure. Virtually indestructible, the gun is designed to fire under the most extreme of conditions, even in total vacuum. It is equipped with a laser sight for each of the 3 active barrel assemblies that can be tuned to high-visibility green or near invisible ultraviolet light.

Fully Weaponized Pulse Weapons: Are weapons that work similar to a conventional firearm, utilizing an electric pulse to ignite a cartridge. The difference is in the ammunition, a carefully engineered system of sensors, diamond tip penetrator, and optional explosive warhead all in one. These weapons are known for their lethality, reliability, and high rate of fire. Created during the resource wars as a means of maximizing the damage of the individual soldier, they are a relic of a past most modern Terrans would prefer to have forgotten. As such these weapons are rarely if ever seen used outside the hands of Mercenaries. This is a result of the stigma surrounding the use of these weapons, purely designed to kill and in large numbers, they are embedded in the psyche of the modern Terran as being the weapon of a barbarian.

Ganaducci- Mil-3 Pulse Rifle

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