Gannaducci: CIV-3E: Punch Gun

A trusty sidearm with a lot of punch

weapon (ranged)
DMG:3(L) STR: 3 Autofire: Single Short Range: 25 Yards Capacity: 15 Init: -2
Special: 9-Again


Ammo Tube Cost: 8 Credits
Cost: 75 Credits Black-Market Cost: 50
Originally intended to be a security sidearm for home defense its durability and reliability have made it ideal for emergency bailout situations. Using an entirely electric fire control system the only moving parts on this gun are the trigger and bullet. Additionally, this comes equipped with a Digi-Ring security system. The bullets are designed to fragment on impact with a hard surface, making it further ideal for space deployment. Against soft tissue or against an organic target this provides some additional measure of damage. This weapon is limited to single shot unless the control software is modified.

Gannaducci: CIV-3E: Punch Gun

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