Graphene-Composite Bow

Compact, Silent, Deadly, if a bit archaic.

weapon (ranged)
Damage: 1 Range: 30/60/120 Clip: 1 Initiative: -3 STR: 2 Size: 3


Standard Cost: 1 Credits none
Hunter Cost: 3 Credits +1DMG
Grappling Hook Cost: 6 Credits Shoot over object then splays outward to grab
Instant-Anchor Cost: 10 Credits Anchors into any hard surface
Tranquilizer Cost: 10 Credits 1L Max Damage- Refillable
Special: Tranquilizer-Toxicity: 3 (In combat roll stamina + resolve vs toxicity. If toxin success exceeds size target is knocked unconscious.)


Quiver Cost: 8 Credits
Auto-Quiver Cost: 20 Credits
Graphene Filament Spool Cost 25 Credits
Bow Case Cost: 20 Credits
Cost: 90 Credits Black-Market Cost: 75

20th Century Design, 23rd century material science.

Graphene-Composite Bow

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