Komatsu-Robotics: Charlie Drone

The top of the line and pride of Komatsu Robotics Defense Devision.

Int: 1 Str: 3 Pres: 2
Wits: 2 Dex: 3 Manip: 1
Resolve: 2 Stamina: 3 Composure: 3
Size:5 Structure: 10 Durability: 2

Speed: 9
Init: +4 ( +7 with gun in hand)
Defense: 2
Armor: 4/4 (Includes base durability) 2/0 everywhere else.

Special: Networked AI = Any program changes done to the “Sargent” of a Squad of charlie drones through “Hacker EXP” disseminates those changes to the other members of the squad. When the “Sargent” is destroyed so is the benefit of the “Hacker EXP”.


Computer: 1
Investigation: 1

Athletics: 3
Firearms: 2 (Spec: Pulse Rifles)
Weaponry: 1(Bayonet, tactical shield, nightstick)

Intimidation: 2 (Spec: Inhuman Action)

Marksmanship Style

Through the Crosshairs (•): Your character is a competent
sniper, able to sit in position and steel her wits. Usually,
the maximum bonus from aiming is three dice. With Through
the Crosshairs, it’s equal to her Composure + Firearms.
Precision Shot (••): With this level of training, your
character knows how to effectively disable a victim instead
of focusing on the kill. When attacking a specified target,
you may reduce your weapon’s damage rating one-for-one to
ignore penalties for shooting a specified target.

Combat Marksmanship Style

Shoot First (•): Add Firearms to initiative
Tactical Reload (••): Reload as a reflexive action


0. This robot will obey all lawful Olympus Convention Edicts and will observe the standard rules of engagement at all times.
1. This robot will defend the operator and cannot through inaction allow its operator to come to harm unless this conflicts with the zeroth law.
2. This robot will obey the lawful orders given to it by human beings except where this will conflict with the first law or Zeroth Law.
3. This Robot will protect its existence to the utmost of its ability except when this conflicts with the above laws.
4. Altering the appearance of this robot is forbidden and the robot will do all in its power to prevent this except if such prevention conflicts with the above laws.
Cost: 850 Credits Black-Market Cost: 1000

Komatsu-Robotics: Charlie Drone

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