Legacy Courier - Electro-Plasma Pistol

Lightning in the Palm of Your Hand

weapon (ranged)
Damage: 1(L) Range:15/30/60 Autofire: Single- Medium Clip: 30 Initiative: -1 STR: 1 Size 1

Special: If total Successes is greater than the size of the target, the target falls unconscious for (10 – Victim Stamina) Turns.
Special: If auto-fire is used, add successes for each die added.
SPecial: This weapon cannot do more than 1 Lethal of damage per target per shot, any additional successes go towards incapacitating the target.


Energy Clip Cost: 10 Credits
Cost: 95 Credits
Operating on well known laser ionization principles. This device creates a ionized path through the air using ultraviolet lasers. The effect of which is that this channel can be used to deliver an electric shock at range.

Legacy Courier - Electro-Plasma Pistol

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