Quad Scanner

Standard Environment Scanner


It is equipped with the following sensors:

+) Passive electro-magnetic
+) Active Radar
+) Short Range Active Sonar and Motion Tracker
+) LIDAR Holographic

It is capable of the following 4 modes

+) Cartographic Survey: Gives +2 on survival roles in navigating difficult terrain.
+) Bio: Gives +2 on wits composure rolls to detect nearby lifeforms, line of sight does not matter.
+) Electromagnetic Survey: Gives a +2 on investigation rolls to search for lost equipment/technology. Can be tuned to detect a specific kind of radiation.
+) Holographic Imaging: Capable of recording a scene, object, or sample as either as a flat image or a fully 3D holographic recording. Playback as either still images or full motion.

Cost: 150 Credits Black Market Cost: 200
About the size of a small briefcase. A Quad-Scanner is an invaluable surveying tool that combines a suite of impressive sensors as well as an advanced volumetric display. It is capable of analyzing atmospheric conditions, Multi-spectrum radiation, magnetic fields, Biosigns, and Topography. The scanner is equipped with both passive and active sensors designed to map with basic detail a 25 mile radius, high detail a 5 mile radius, and extreme detail within a few hundred feet. The device is also capable of recognizing patterns in the electromagnetic spectrum, such as those produced by radio broadcasts.

Quad Scanner

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