Legacy- Riot Gun

First Used by Legacy Couriour Services when hired to suppress the martian riots. It has since become one of the most popular Legacy Defense products. Utilized by PMC and Police alike.

weapon (ranged)
DMG:4(B) STR: 3 Autofire: Single Short Range: 15 Yards Capacity: 12 Init: -4

Special: Ignores Ballistic Armor
Special: 8-agains
Special: If damage in bashing exceeds the size of the target, the target is knocked prone and flies back a number of meters equal to (successes – dex). Additionally, target must make a stamina resolve check to not loose action for the turn. Wound penalties apply as usual.

Note: Ammunition is gas canisters filled with heavy argon.

Cost: 75 Credits Black-Market Cost: 55

Desc: A short ranged heavy gas vortex projector. The mechanism by which it fires a shot is similar to a modern firearm.

Legacy- Riot Gun

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