Teslan: Light Barrier

Utilizing a from of solid light, this device projects a shield of condensed photons in the path of incoming bullets.

Durability: 3 Effective Range: 10 yards Structure: 10

This device provides a defense against ranged fire, causing bullets to miss their mark. If damage is done in excess of durability, that damage is applied to the shields structure and to the person it is protecting. When the structure is depleted re-initialization of the shield takes a large amount of time. The sensors and optics that detect incoming fire are only effective up to a certain minimum distance. Within that bubble, the speed with which the device operates is too slow to stop incoming fire effectively and suffers a -2 to durability. At point blank range, the device is completely useless.

Cost: 375 Credits Black Market Cost 325

Combining an advanced sensor suite with the latest in photonic-phased holographic projection, these devices are literal force-fields that are capable of automatically deflecting incoming fire. Created at first to protect armored personnel carriers and other high value assets, these devices were miniaturized for use by infantry who were desperately in need of protection from literal hailstorms of bullets during the Proxy Wars. This technology led to the development of man-portable laser weapons it cannot stop the deadly beams of light those weapons fired. .

Teslan: Light Barrier

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