WoD 3DM Gear




Speed Number = number of tiles you can cover in a turn. (This number represents a multiple of your base speed.)
Altitude Number = What height tier you are at. (Each tier is 3 Meters high with tier zero being near ground level.)

Equipment Stats:

Swords 3(L) Special: 10% chance to fail on a hit. Clip:8 Init -0
Hook Shot 2(L) Special: N/A Clip: Retractable Init -0
Thruster +2 (Drive Checks) Special: Booster ( +5 to Drive for turn) Clip: 6 Init: N/A
Safe Speed = 5
Max Speed = 9
Speed is life:
- For every two points of speed above 1 increase defense by 1 and penalties to attack increase by 1.
Wracks Effect D10 Roll
Running on Fumes Equipment bonus from the thruster goes to ZERO. Furthermore, after the battle is resolved you are hoofing it. Only when out of gas
Broken Harness Dex + Ath checks suffer a -1 penalty. 1-4
Broken Tank Tank Capacity becomes 3 5-6
Broken Hook Can only shoot one hook at a time 7-8
Broken Tanks Tank Capacity is ZERO, see “Running on Fumes” 9
Broken Hooks You are hoofing it 10


Reflex Actions

- Reorient Yourself
- Perform Acrobatic Trick (Dex + Athletics)
- Trade Speed for Altitude (Dex + Athletics = Max Speed to Altitude Number conversion)
Note: for each point of altitude converted gain two points of speed.
- Convert Speed to Damage (No Roll needed. You can drop speed at the moment of an attack to deal extra automatic damage.)
- Retract Anchors

Movement Actions

- Fire single anchor (Dex + firearms)

Pilot the Gear (Dex + Drive +2/ +5 [Booster])
Allocate successes to the following…

- Increase Altitude: (Prereq: 2 Hooks in advantageous position)
- Increase Speed: (Prereq: 2 Hooks from rest, 1 Hook in motion)
Turn 60 Degrees = 1 Success (Prereq: 1 Hook)
Turn 120 Degrees = 2 Success (Prereq: 1 hook)
Turn 60/120/180 Degrees = 1 Success (Prereq: 2 Hooks)
Turn 180 Degrees = 3 Success (Prereq: 1 Hook)

Standard Actions

- Fire Both Hooks at single target (Dex + Firearms)
- Attack with Swords (Str + Weaponry)

WoD 3DM Gear

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