Cargo Bin (S-Type)

Steel Blue Cargo Container With Yellow Highlights and Yellow Logo


About a cubic meter in volume this cargo container is filled with basic survival gear as well as food, water purifiers and other survival items.

+)36 Yellow Sun MRE’s.
+)1 Flora/Fauna Analyzer (Put a sample up to the optical unit and it will tell you if its safe to eat)
+)1 Portable Electric Camp Stove.
+)3 Spare Fuel Cells(Alcohol based).
+)3 Razor Wire Auto-Knives.
+)1 Toolbox Survival Type (Knives, Hatchets, ECT).
+)1 Water Purification Unit.
+)8 Hazardous Environment Units with washable air filters.
+)3 Ganaducci Civ-4 Hunting Rifle With 21 Spare Content Not Found: ammunition-tubes. (9 Shots in Tube, Comes with Solar Charger and Digi-Key safety system.)

+)4 Legacy-Stalker System: Night Vision Sensor and Heads up Unit
Desc(Negates Darkness and uses advanced AI along with a thermal and acoustic sensor system to paint the probable location of animals on a heads up mini map. Perfect for hunting.)


A crate courtesy of Yellow Sun Corp. Everything one needs to survive on planet and keep people alive.

Cargo Bin (S-Type)

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