Main Colonial Escorts


Underline = Disabled/In need of repair Bold = Achieved Orbit Cross through = Confirmed Destroyed Null = Fate Unknown
IFS Achilles – In high orbit, now low orbit. Online..(Recovered Derelict) IFS Heracles – Reactor overload after crash into continent.
IFS Alexander – Crashed into abyss IFS Atlanta – Crashed into abyss
IFS Hector – Crashed into abyss IFS Leonidas – Low Orbit achieved.(Crew intact and operational)
IFS Jason – Broke up in low orbit (Low orbit debris field, degrading rapidly) IFS Orion – Achieved low orbit, later lost to unknown enemy fire. Found as derelict in Dragons Maw
IFS Odysseus – Found (Located in the 2nd ring of the planet in mid orbit, Derelict) IFS Homer – Crashed into abyss
IFS Thesius – No longer airworthy. Edge of cliff on eastern Ayern. IFS Erlang Shen – lost to the abyss
IFS Tantalus – In low polar orbit (Operational). IFS Kua Fu – Lost to the abyss
IFS Guan Yu – Crashed on 2nd moon. IFS Daoji – Exploded in 1st ring. (Mid orbit debris field, stable).
IFS Lei Gong – Low orbit achieved. (intact and operational) IFS Icarus – Fate Unknown
IFS Asimov – Emergency landed on northern continent. Airworthy. IFS Heinlein – lost attempting rescue of JCV 14-Goddard (Low orbit debris field, slowly degrading)
IFS Antares – Achieved low orbit, critical depressurization, fell into abyss. (Very small debris field, command section still in orbit.) IFS Dortmund – Achieved Low Orbit, Radiation Leak from reactor, abandoned ship. (Derelict, degrading orbit)


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Main Colonial Escorts

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