The world officially known By Lockheed Designation: LCP-647, and USF Designation: Cygnus-39-Echo, is a N-Class Planet 270 Light years from Earth. The native inhabitants known as the Tailyn call the world “Yen”. The planet is covered in a dense cloud layer that consists of gaseous Ozone clouds at the higher altitudes and a potent mixture of corrosive chemical salts and acids near the planet’s surface. In the middle is a habitable zone sandwiched between these two layers.


The further towards the planet’s surface you travel, the higher the temperature gets. At altitudes between 5 and 16 kilometers the temperature and pressure ranges from 330 Fahrenheit and 50 atmospheres to -70 Fahrenheit and .5 atmospheres. Below the 5 km mark the temperature increases exponentially as does the pressure. To venture into the corrosive mist, even in the upper fringe, is suicide. The top of the mist is a volatile mixture of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. Without a gas mask or re-breather you will find yourself unable to draw breath rather quickly. In the habitable layer of the planets atmosphere are landmasses of varying climate, morphology, fauna and, flora suspended in the air by a mechanism suspected to be a form of diamagnetism.

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Aurora's Echo: Castaways of the 23rd Century Taida