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The Tailyn are a sapient indigenous species native to the planet Echo. They are the first race humanity was able to make contact with on any meaningful level, thanks to the miracle of the Universal Translator. As a race they are inquisitive and naturally curious. However, They are technologically primitive in comparison to humans.

Their technology ranges from mid 18th century enlightenment to the late 19th century industrial revolution, for Eron and Aren Tailyn respectively. Supplementing this technology is the enigmatic art of Mancery with the Eron school of thought focusing on a wider array of applications, including protection and healing techniques. Conversely, solely pyromancers and ruin-workers occupy the ranks of the Aren Empire’s Mancer Corps.

The two main Tailyn factions are the Imperial Aren Republic (In truth a Military Stratocracy) and the Holy Eron Dominions (A Federation of Theocratic Aristocracies). In addition, there are two other minor cultural groups called the Ela Chiefdoms and the Caydan Holdfasts. The former inhabits the frigid mountains in Eastern Eron while the latter inhabits the western shore of Aren.


Tailyn are shorter than the average human by about half a head height, with males being slightly shorter then females. Their powerful but slight frames, coupled with a superb sense of balance, allow for an unparalleled degree of acrobatic grace. A Tailyn is able to climb more easily, run faster, and jump higher than the average human. however, their reduced bone structure leaves them more frail because of it. Tailyn physically have narrow chests and shoulders, a trim core, and springy powerful legs.

Internally, Tailyn are a mammalian species and the physiological differences between them and humans are surprisingly minimal. The most notable physiological difference between Tailyn and Terrans are a proportionally larger heart located centrally in the chest cavity, and a mostly hollow bone structure. Like all mammalian species Tailyn carry their young internally for the first stage of life, give live birth, and like all mammals they posses a copious amount of fur.

The coloration of the fur is determined by the sub-type of the Tailyn in question. There are four types Mayv, Ynet, Cay, and Ela. The Mayv Tailyn of Eron are darker in color, ranging from dark black to grey and have spots along their back. The Ynet Tailyn of Aren range from solid tans to dark browns with occasional spots. Cay Tailyn are described as being cream in color with darker forearms, calves, tails and faces. Finally, the Ela Tailyn are described as being greyish white and accented with a healthy amount of spots. Tailyn on the Eron continent follow a nocturnal existence while Tailyn on the Aren continent follow a diurnal existence.

Tailyn vision is comparable to human vision in daylight. However, night is when it literally shines. The number of light receptive cones at the back of the retina is several times the number in humans and the retina is also equipped with a reflective shield to further absorb low amounts of light. This has the disadvantage of making Tailyn sensitive to sudden changes in lighting.

- 9 Agains on Athletics checks involving Dex
- Size 4
- Species Factor 8
- Ignore penalties for low light, with exception of total darkness
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Mayv Tailyn Ynet Tailyn
Tree Born – Spend willpower to reroll a FAILED balance/climb check.
Forest Hunter – Climb checks gain the rote quality.
Desert Born – Spend willpower to reroll a FAILED listen or scenting check.
Sprinter – Rote Action on running checks.
11092074_400-1373895890.jpg solforge___neranika_by_rushn-d5r3phr.jpg
Ela Tailyn Cay Tailyn
Snow Born – Spend willpower to reroll a failed sneaking/hiding Check
Snow Ghost – Any Stealth check in the snow is a rote action.
Island Born – Spend willpower to reroll any failed swim/dive check.
Solid Lungs – Can hold breath as if stamina + 3.


5000+ BTC (Before Terran Colonization) – The collapse: The furthest back modern Tailyn history goes up to is around 5000 years ago. There are references in ancient legends to great empire that spanned across the known world. This was the Ancient Mythological Tailyn Nation of Crios who was said to be significantly advanced during its time. The mythologies of Crios have influenced the modern Aren Empire greatly who through religious dogma, and a form of nationalistic propaganda, claim ancestral ties to the lost civilization. The legends themselves depicts a struggle that occurred ages past between the Crios Empire and an Ancient Evil. The Empire prevailed at great cost. It was said the land “Crumbled from below and shook as if a giant beast had awoken from slumber… the skies darkened heralding the thousands year fall of the Empire” This is considered by most to be a very poetic and embellished interpretation of the events that transpired. Most scholars believe what transpired was an Internal Conflict within this ancient society which caused it to collapse. The Eron Tailyn hold this legend as a cautionary tale against the pursuit of power, believing that the great evil was the hubris of the Tailyn at the time. The Aren Tailyn hold these legends as part of their history, believing these legends to be the tales of their ancestors.

12000 – 3000 BTC – The Long Fall/The Era of Darkness: It is during this time that the Old Empire fell and fell hard. Over this time most evidence of the once great empire was lost or destroyed. Historical records dating back to this time are spotty at best. It is believed that this time was marred with several warring factions constantly fighting for control. Society at the time consisted of subsistence farming and hunting.

3000 – 2500 BTC – The Long Climb/ The Lunar Era: It is during this time that we see an emergence of a true civilization once more. In the East the Eron Tailyn begin to form Systems of writing, Religious Worship, currency, and animal husbandry. In the west we see more of the same in addition to the rediscovery of several key technologies. Through the interpretation of ancient texts the Tailyn of Aren begin to salvage some of the lost knowledge of the old empire. Such knowledge mostly takes the form of ancient marvels of engineering, such as the aqueducts and roadways, and then learning how to replicate the process of building them. This period of rediscovery accelerates the development of the Aren Tailyn from a Post Fall hunter gatherer society, into a society equal to the Terran Iron Age.

2500 – 1000 BTC- The Second Fall/ The Era of Elightenment: On the Aren Continent this period is marred by several years of infighting among a multitude of warring clans. Similar to the Warring States Period of China this sets back cultural development by several hundred years. Conversely, on the other side of the abyss the Tailyn of Ahrekka are experiencing a resurgence of religious faith, technology, and science. It is during this time that the great teacher and First Emissary of the Lunar Goddess, Zerasha founds the First Manustery in 2413 BTC. This becomes the central foundation for the the faith of the Godesses and serves not only as the foundation for the spread of the faiths but also as the first established form of higher education on the continent. The High Priestess Zerasha could be seen as the Eron Tailyn’s Aristotle. She and her followers teachings will influence the course of logic, mathematics, and natural science for the next thousand years. It is during this time that the Dominions of Eron are formed but most importantly, the Manustery school of thought pervades each and every one of these countries, uniting them in a single faith and simultaneous method of learning. On the other side of the Abyss the warring nations of Aren have advanced to the point where they are creating steel weapons. Their society remains very feudal with landholders controlling the distribution of power.

1000- 660 BTC – The Mercantile Era/The Astral Era: It is during this time the Faction that would become the Aren Empire slowly begins to amass control of the continent, having attained a technological epoch of about medieval Europe at the end of this era. This time is reffered to by the Aren Tailyn as the mercantile era due to the repeated contact with the Kairen. Here an exchange of knowledge takes place to greatly accelerate the technological development of the Aren Tailyn. On the other side of the abyss the Dominions of Eron begin to form major alliances with one another. This becomes a necessity as frequent raids from The Sylvan force the Dominions into even closer relationships. Most notable of this era is that the Tailyn of this time develop the first lighter than air craft. Simple hot air balloons.

660- 550 BTC – The Rise of the Aren Republic/Cloud Age: It is during this time that we have contact between the Aren Tailyn and the Eron Tailyn. The first fleet of airships depart from Eron and establish trade routes, and missionaries travel to spread the Eron Religion. At first relations were peacable enough, but then the Military Caste began to show concern when so many of the population began to convert. The Nobility they serve showed no interest to the concerns of the military caste. Having grown content with the influx of trade and wealth coming from across the abyss. It is not long before that a great political upheaval takes place as a result in all the city states near simultaneously. This results in the Aren Nobility being supplanted by a revolution orchestrated by the Military caste. This sets the stage for the rise of the Modern Aren Republic in the city state of Vaydran, whose nobility capitulates to the military caste without bloodshed. This leaves the Vaydran State relatively intact and allows it to take over the other cities in a relatively short amount of time. Weather by force or diplomatic action, the other states came to fall in line. Their nobility are cast aside in orchestrated Coup D’etats which portray them as Puppets of Eron Merchants. This Anti Eron sentimentality will grow like wildfire and color the policies and decisions of the Aren Government in the years to come.

545 – 540 BTC – The Great Purge: Fearing the power of the Eron Empire the newly created Imperial Aren Republic consolidates power among the city states and begins to turn an unfriendly gaze towards the Eron influence pervading their continent. Violently, the Eron Taiyn influences are cast out or eliminated in a violent purge which desecrates several newly discovered Eron holy sites… and the Clergy that man them. This outrages the Holy Dominions across the sea and in turn they are united under one banner. Soon the cries of a holy crusade are heard throughout the continent of Eron. The great war has begun.

540 – 440 BTC – The Century War: The Aren continent is assaulted continuously over the next 100 years throughout three separate campaigns. Each invading force is repelled one way or another with the last one having occupied the capital of the Aren republic for nearly 10 years. Eventually, the last occupying force was driven out by armies lead by General Cordahr in 441 BTC.

440 – 223 BTC – The Restoration/The Sylvan Conflicts: The Aren republic focuses its national policy internally as during this time the Eron Dominions are occupied with Sylvan Freeholds in a brutal gurrilla war for control of the forests. Meanwhile the Aren republic begins to advance technologically thanks in part to ancient ruins discovered which contain ancient depictions of industrial technologies. Machining, metallurgy, physics, chemistry. All are developed over the short span of a couple centuries.

198-183 BTC – The annexation of the Cay Archipelago/The Eld Incursions. The Eld, an Unknown race from across the Eastern Abyss begins to invade the continent of Eron. The repeated conflicts over the past few centuries has served to stunt the growth of the Eron Dominions. Meanwhile the Aren Republic across the sea grows ever militaristic. During this time they have taken to Annexing the Cay Archipelago, Subjugating the Caydan Holdfasts. Making them a puppet state to the Aren Republic.

154 – 103 BTC – The Great Crusade: The Aren Republic sensing the downfall of the Eron Dominions begins a massive campaign to invade the continent. Despite their advances in gunpowder technology they fail at the initial invasion, thanks to the Eron Dominions mastery of Mancery. What follows is a brutal air and land war that spans over the next two decades with neither side gaining ground over the other.

78 – 33 BTC – The Second Great Crusade: Again the Aren Republic rattles its sabers. This time utilizing a form of mancery they call Natural Philosophy. It is at this point that the Aren Republic has mastered Steam Technology and has industrialized much of their modern military infrastructure to that of the mid 19th century. Towards the end of this era the Aren Republic begins building viable heavier than air craft. As such, during this campaign they adopt a strategy of island Hopping in the dragons maw in an attempt to secure airstrips for the newly invented bombers. Because of this conflict the territorial boundaries and ownership of many of the islands is called into question even to the present day.

33 BTC-Present Day The ceasefire and the Arms Race: The Second Great Crusade/ The Second Invasion never actually ended. Both sides merely agreed to an indefinite cease fire. To this end both sides over the last few decades began to amass arms, technology, in hope that when war does break out that it will give them the advantage.



Tailyn language is for the most part uniform across all the various ethnic groups. This is believed to be the result of all Tailyn at one point sharing a common language and culture at some point in the distant past. The language is composed of many of the same sounds found in modern English and the phonic positioning of the oral cavity used in the creation of sound are identical to those found in humans. With enough time and patience and study, it would be highly probable for a human to learn the Tailyn language with little relative difficulty.

The grammatical structure is nearly identical as well, relying on a subject verb predicate arrangement. The exception being that Ynet Tailyn have a set of pronouns that accommodate gender neutral situations. Mayv Tailyn’s language incorporates a more passive voice as the “Polite” method of speaking in formal company.

Ynet Tailyn

Aren Republic culture is based around a core philosophy that traces its roots to the very Founding of the Republic, and to an extent even further back to its feudal warrior tradition. This tradition is called the Vassal Code, named after the Vassal Feudal Military Caste, and serves as guiding doctrine for the Prelate lead government. As such modern ynet Culture is highly militarized. Requiring each able bodied citizen to serve a number of years in order to be granted full citizenship. In fact all members of who hold political office in government must be active members of the military with the Prelate, the head of the military and by extent head of the government, the highest ranking and most decorated member of the military at the time.

The Vassal Code
- I am a citizen Soldier, I give my life so others may live.
I am a servant of the state, without me the state is nothing without the state I am nothing.
- I am a citizen soldier, I honor those above me and work to uplift those below me.
I am a servant of the people of my nation, without the people I have no purpose, without me the people have no protection.
- I am a citizen soldier, I work towards the revival of the empire of old.
I swear fealty and loyalty to the leaders of my nation that they may guide us into a better future.

The government of the Imperial Republic is led by the commanding leader of the military, The Prelate. This person is most often the highest ranking and most decorated general in active service. Below this person you have the Council of Marshals. These powerful Tailyn are Generals who hold the additional political office of marshal. They command each district, their are 12 districts total. The capitol itself is not a district in its own right. Instead it is a non representative province from which the Prelate rules.

Gynh – Karn syla – mace pnuhwa – bronze enuh – iron
cdaam – steel kumt – gold myhla – lance cduha – stone
buftan – powder cbayn – spear crud – shot pnycc – brass

The Council of Marshals is responsible for the day to day of running the country. They are elected to their position based on merit and by the votes of every “Citizen”, those who have served at least 5 years in the military and retired with honors.

Beyond that initial vote the government is essentially a military Stratocracy with Prelates and Marshals serving 5 year terms. There is no limit to the number of terms. Rule of law is very loosely constructed and any violations among the citizenry is handled in a manner to military tribunal. For more personal matters a “Duel” usually settles most things.

Laws and regulations or various propositions are enacted by the citizenry through their immediate superior to the “Council of Citizens” which decide on legislation and budget for the empire. Final approval is up to the Council of Marshals.

The last branch of the government is the Unofficial Advisers council. The Prelate chooses who is allowed to be an adviser. But traditionally the positions held are

Military Positions
- Master Spy - Master Tactician - Master Engineer - Master Mancer Master Commodore
Citizen Positions
- Minister of Therim - Minister of Arts - Minister of Law - Minister of Works - MMinister of Foreignness

There is no standard religion among the Ynet Tailyn. Instead the government has an organized reverence for passed away military leaders and civil servants. These people are given an almost saint like reverence and in many other places they are revered as patron spirits of an area.

Mayv Tailyn

Eron Dominion culture is built on the principles and mythology of its central religion. This faith is founded upon the reverence and worship for their twin goddess, the Morning Light and the Evening Glow. This deity embodies the concepts of Discovery and Enigma. Holding “The Pursuit of Knowledge” and the “Quest for Mysteries” as the foundation for becoming closer to the goddess. The Holy Dominions are an alliance of ten separate countries each with their own variations on cultural traditions. The only unifying factor among them is the Faith they Share in the Goddesses and by extension the loyalty they hold for their spiritual leader, the Holy Empress. This seat of power is considered the supreme authority in all the land. Her word is beyond contestation and is equal to the words of the goddess themselves. The Empress rules from the capitol district which is a neutral ground for all dominions. The Empress is one among many of the direct descendants of the original Great Teacher, the First Prophet. From this bloodline forms the foundation of the Nobility. However, this does not necessarily mean that the line of succession is always linear. Potentially, any member of the Noble Family has the ability to rule. The decision of succession after the death of an Empress is left up to the Oracalcy, a council of holy women who divine the next Empress through prayer and meditation. The lineage of the noble family is marked with heterochromea of the eyes. One eye is dark the other bright and golden. This characteristic is told to be a gift of the goddesses granting the noble family the ability to witness the goddess’s wonders of light and dark play out in the spiritual plane.

The government of the Holy Dominions relies heavily on its religious traditions. In the past the dominions had relied on the religious caste and its appointed leaders to make decisions in the best interest of the people. However, this medieval method of governance has seen a bit of a recession in the most recent era. Today the power to govern rests with not only with the Clergy and Nobility, but with the Military Houses and occasionally a Peoples Matriarch or Representative. As such, a triad of leaders forms the head of state of most dominions. The only exception is the capitol itself which is governed by the Oracalcy and the Holy Empress herself.

Within each Dominion the power is not equal among each leader. Each member of the Governing Trinity is given a vote with the Primos, the leader in power, holding the most sway with their vote. The Primos in charge changes with the waxing and waning of influence from their political backers. The decline and rise of holy or military houses and the influence of commoners may cause this wax and wane in power. On a local level, it is a Provincial Matriarch that governs each province beholden to a Dominion. More often than not it is the head of a leading family who takes this position. Competition at this level can be fierce and even cutthroat at times with houses vying against houses for control of a province. The most progressive by far of all these Dominions is the newly created Dominion of Lornasha, named after the Lornasha Clan which does not subscribe to this method, as it has no traditional houses of its own. Full power rests with the peoples representative, Matriarch Lornasha, and the peoples council.

The Dominions
Name Location From Capitol Name Location From Capitol
Lorna-sha South by South Forests Yan-sha South Eastern Woodlands
Kera-sha North Mountains Alar-sha South Western Plains
Dira-sha South Forests C’ten-sha North Western Lowlandsy
K’jan-sha Western Highlands T’lo-sha Eastern Forests
Yan-sha South Eastern Woodlands Zera-sha Capitol City of Zerasha
Ela-sha North Eastern Mountains

Representation: Each dominion is represented by a set of three leaders. The War-master, the Ora, and the Titled. The latter being the person who holds the right to rule on behalf of the Dominions Common Houses. How this person is chosen varies from Dominion to Dominion. The Primos’ vote, the vote of the trinity leader, in any decision weighs twice as heavy as either the other two and this thus has the power to put on hold any of their decisions. In the case of a deadlock, the vote will be put up to a council of provincial matriarchs.

Citizenship: Citizenship in the dominions is simple, pay taxes, register with the local government, establish a residence, and you are a citizen. Every citizen is beholden to a province, which is beholden to a Dominion, which is beholden to the Holy Empress who rules over the Capitol City.

The Caste System:
One major aspect of Eron Dominion Culture is the Caste System. This caste system is divided along gender as well as occupation lines. Descending order of importance travels from right to left and top to bottom. Usually, it is uncommon for a Tailyn to choose a caste apart from the one they were born into. It is even more uncommon for someone to be brought into a caste on a different tier than their own but it is not unheard of.

Tier of the Goddesses
True Nobility and Their Houses
Tier of the Spirit 5% of population
Guardian Monks(Male) Word Bearers(Female) Oracles(Spiritual Leaders, Always Female)
Tier of the Mind 42% of population
Service Hand State Service Hand State
Male Castes Female Castes
Academics(Teachers and Scholars) Artisans(Craftsmen and Engineers) Squiers(Civil Service) Pathfinders(Scientists) Mancers(Arcane Arts) Warriors(Career Military)
Tier of The Body 50% of population
Caste of the Coin(Service Providers and Merchants) Caste of the Hand(Unskilled Workers of the Land) Caste of the Hunt(Hunters and Forest Guardians)

Family Life: The forest Tailyn are a matriarchal society and as such, females generally are head of an immediate family group. A typical Tailyn Family consists of a woman and any of her husbands and their collective offspring. Because Forest Tailyn practice a form of Polyamory, extended families can be quite large. This becomes even more complicated when you consider that a single Male Tailyn can have any number of wives as long as he is able to devote time to the care and raising of his children and a single Female Tailyn can have any number of husbands as long as she is able to provide for the new addition of the family. Family life for children, centers around the female’s home. Male Tailyn tend to travel from wife-home to wife-home. A typical


Worship: Normally, Religious oblations take place daily in family shrines with morning reflection. Weekly, Tailyn gather at temple during the Middle Day. Here they all worship together and reflect, meditate, and discuss the enigmas as well as personal discoveries members of the congregation have. The worship culminates in a vision received and interpreted by an oracle for that week, in which everyone engages in discussion. Leading the congregation is the Oracle, the spiritual leader, who acts always as a guide for the congregation. A unique aspect of these collected gatherings is that everyone is encouraged to cleanse the body and soul of materiel thoughts and trappings before entering the Temple. As such most worship is conducted while the congregation and the Oracle are both naked. Before entering a temple Tailyn will disrobe and perform a symbolic cleansing ritual of bathing in sand, followed by a drink of water blessed by the Oracle. In some places it is not uncommon for the entire floor of the temple to be inundated in spring water. You will see this most often in the capitol or in towns with freshly flowing water.

The Enigmas: The Guidance
1) What does it mean to be? Examine life, engage with vigor;
2) What is identity? Master Yourself.
3) What does it mean to embrace the other? Life without empathy is meaningless.
4) What is the world? See and recognize the Goddesses works around you.
5) What fate can we make? Worry that which you can control.
6) What is truth? Experience True Pleasure. Avoid transient trivial things.
7) What is right? Know that wrong begets wrong. .


Manufacturing: The technology of both the Eron and Aren continent Tailyn is considerably much more primitive when compared to humans. The Aren Tailyn have reached a level of technological development consistent with Europe just prior to the first world war. The Eron continent on the other hand appears to have reached the equivalent of the enlightenment, late 1700’s or so. As such many of the industrial processes that the Aren Tailyn take for granted have simply not yet been developed.


Energy Production: The Aren empire has discovered a form of internal combustion. Relying on the harvest of Leviathan Oil to fuel their machines. Combining it with a form of coal, they create a jellied paste with which to run their Anbaric engines. The Eron Dominions on the other hand rely on more Alternative energy sources. Utilizing wind and Hydro-mechanical power to charge a manceric crystalline substance known as Ember. This crystal stores the energy produced to be used at a later time. When placed in the presence of a magnetic field unleashes an intense amount of thermal energy. Other alternative forms of energy involve Aetherite-Anbaric conversion, which is an experimental method by which to burn the substance known as Aetherite, creating electrical power directly. This is touchy subject for the Dominions as Photo-Marked Aetherite is used as currency.

Information Storage: The Aren Empire and Eron Dominions are adept at printing books. However, the Aren Empire with their industrial processes are much more prolific about it.

Weapons: In terms of weapons technology both sides have developed primitive firearms. The Aren have developed cartridge ammunition as well lever and bolt action mechanisms. The Eron Dominions however have not had the advances in manufacturing to make the mass creation of such weapons practical. Instead, they have developed Tibena Extract Firearms, firearms fueled by the alchemically refined oil of the Tibena root. These firearms function similar to a wheel lock and peperbox in one and have a very limited number of shots before they must be reloaded.

Flight: The Aren Empire has just begun to grasp the concept of heavier than air powered flight. As such they have created propeller driven craft to act as transports and scouts. This allows the Aren Military an unprecedented degree of mobility for its special forces. The Chief mode of intercontinental transportation is still the airship. Both sides utilize heavily armored airships as the primary component of their military. These ships are loaded with hydrogen for lift. Although, the gas has impressive lifting power it often is not enough to sustain the weight of heavy armor on military vessels as such military Tailyn Ships supplement this lifting gas with additional lifting sources. The most common of these are load stones, fragile crystaline natural superconductors which ride magnetic fields for levitation. These stones are mined from the earth and are refined by the Dominions using Mancery. The Aren Empire does not know how to make lodestones and as such acquire them from the Kairen, or supplement their ships with lifting engines. However, both sides are experimenting with charged Aetherite as a means by which to attain lift and propulsion. This method runs electricity through refined Aetherite which creates a force axial and opposite to the direction of the traveling current. Aren ships are more lightly armored than their Eron Counterparts, but pack much more firepower and are capable of launching bomber craft. Civilian ships almost always use Hydrogen as a lifting source and lodestones are always considered an item reserved for military vessels.

Communication: The Aren empire has created primitive radio technologies. Bulky and unwieldy, they use vacuum tube and diode technology to facilitate the amplification of signals. The Eron Dominions use a system of Visual telegraphs, a semaphore line, to communicate important messages long distances. Available to the common citizenry is a network of carrier animals that physically carry notes from place to place.

Medicine and Chemistry: Thanks to the advances in Mancery and Alchemy in the Eron Dominions the Tailyn of that nation have a most intimate knowledge of science and chemistry, their affect on the body, and the inner workings of the body itself. One could say that their Mancery-Enhanced techniques are equal to some of the best practices of Terran doctors.


Because of the cultural focus on understanding and discovery the Mancers that the Eron Dominions cultivate tend to know more about the workings of the world than their Aren counterparts, who are only concerned about practical military application. Mancery is practiced among common citizens within the Dominions and the shear number of schools and disciplines is beyond count. The most common branches used within the military of the Dominions however are the Path of the Healer, the Path of the Engineer, Path of the Flow and path of Charm Cloak and Dagger.

Path of the Healer incorporates three separate arts all revolving around manipulating the body, healing damage, and producing Alchemic Liquids.
Path of the Engineer revolves around manipulating/improving the functioning of machines, creating Manceric Devices, and manipulating/shaping matter.
Path of the Flow revolves around manipulating the energies of Mancery to disrupt, dispel, or ward against Manceric attack.
Path of the Charm, Cloak, and Dagger revolves around changing probability, obfuscation, and scrying.

In the Aren Empire Mancery is for one purpose and one purpose only, destruction. As such the abilities available to their soldiers reflect this.

Arts of the Pyromancer revolves around manipulating fire, kinetic energy, and electricity
Arts of the Ruin Worker revolve around manipulating explosives substances, toxins, and creating seismic disturbances.
Arts of the Soldier revolve around providing utility to soldiers, force multiplication, and shock and awe.



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