Apex Predators

“Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility.”
―Ash, regarding The Alien


Physiology History Culture Technology

The D’rajh are a sapient, aggressive, and highly prolific species native to the planet Echo. Thanks to millions of years of evolution in the harsh environment they are among the most physically capable species on the planet, Having adapted to the world through shear biological fortitude.

Their technology ranges from late bronze age to the early iron age, circa 1st to 2nd centuries. Their technology is incredibly primitive by any standard, and they have a very nascent mancery tradition. The result of recent raids into Tailyn territory.

The Drajh are divided into Drajh-G’rek, or Marauder Bands. Mobile villages on the backs of leviathans that host thousands of warriors. The major bands are the G’rek Void Skull, G’rek Blood Taker, and G’rek Great Maw. (Rough translations used.)


D’rajh are physically taller then the average human by about 2 feet, with males being slightly larger than females. They have powerful muscular frames supported by digitigrade raptor-like legs. Coupled with a long heavy tail for balance they can attain running speeds far in excess of Olympic athletes. A Drajh is physically stronger and tougher than the average human by several degrees. Able even to shrug off explosive tipped pulse rounds, their tough fibrous skin and reinforced natural composite bone structure, grant this species natural toughness unheard of in modern biology.

The internal physiology of a D’rajh is unique to say the least. The fur they have coating their body is in fact sharp pinned feathers. Most likely evolved from an ancestor that once had scales. Internally, the D’rajh posses multiple redundant organ systems. A prime example being the cardiovascular system which is triple redundant, each with its own heart. Their skeletal system seems designed to take blows. It being composed of a cartilaginous composite. Reproduction in this species is egg based with females laying up to two dozen hard-shelled eggs a clutch.

Males tend to have darker plumage than females with males tending to gravitate towards darker shades of blue and females gravitating towards shades of brown .

“So what you are saying is. Take a shark and all its sensory capabilities, give it the strength of a lifter-loader, the agility of a raptor, and the natural durability of military armor. Wait, there is more! Just in case you think evolution isn’t laughing at us yet, consider that they are 1.5 times our size, can breath the poisonous mists, have multi-redundant organs, breed like rabbits, and are fully capable of outsmarting you. Does that pretty much sum up the average D’rajh?”
- PFC Jenkins: Sanctuary Base 07.

D’raj sensory capabilities are unparalleled. They are paragon predators capable of tracking by scent, electrical impulses, and sight. Add to the fact they have pit organs beneath the eyes that sense the infrared spectrum and it becomes nearly impossible to hide from them.

- Size 7 Tooth and Nail: Lethal Damage with claws and teeth: (1L)
- Species Speed Factor: 10 Tough: Natural Armor: (1/2)(Stacks with normal armor)
- Othersense: Scent, Electric Impulse, Thermal Vision Run Down: 9-agains on run checks
Twitch Muscles: Base Strength (+2) Redundant Physiology: Spend willpower to make a resolve + stamina check to avoid from passing out at full lethal.
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D’rajh History is mostly confined to ritual and oral tradition. Very little is known about their history as of this moment.


Very little is known about D’rajh culture as of the present.


The D’rajh language is simultaneously guttural and resonant, combining curt sounds with deeply sonorous ending sounds, giving the language a unique tone. D’rajh will most likely have a difficult time replicating human vocal patterns.

The grammatical structure for D’rajh seems to be Verb Subject Object. EG: “Ate G’neen fish.” instead of the english. “G’neen ate fish.”


It is suspected the D’raj have a tribal culture and are led by chiefs.


Worship: The D’rajh seem to practice a form of ancestor worship.


Manufacturing: Black, and Bronze smiting are very important manufacturing trades to the D’rajh.

Non existent.

Energy Production: Leviathan Oil.

Information Storage: Oral Tradition and Ritual.

Weapons: Iron and Bronze bladed weapons. Siege weaponry is limited to Batista and Catapult technology.

Flight: Domesticated flying mounts and tamed leviathans.

Communication: Messenger.

Medicine and Chemistry: They have witch doctors of sorts. Medicine is very limited.



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